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Chuga's Trip To India

Hey Chuga Fam! 
Just wanted to check in and let you know what we’ve been up to. We just went to India in November and ...IT WAS A BLAST!We initially arrived in Delhi and visited Jaipur to hangout with our marketing team and to celebrate their biggest holiday there called, Diwali (which is essentially when good overcomes evil in the Hindu belief system)
Here's our team below 😎
Then we went to Ladakh which is a region in the Himalayas. We trekked up to a village in a sprinter van to the heart of the mountains.There we stayed with a Tibetan family and some harvesters in a small house were we slept on mats. Stopgas and Chumba were our guides. (Chumba is the man below with me)The views and hospitality were incredible. They made us food every night as we shared laughs, stories and drinks under the Himalayan sky.
On our second day there, we hiked up the Mountains to gather the shilajit. The slopes were steep and terribly dangerous. It was very daunting and one hell of a ride that I will NEVER forget!
Once that mission was complete, we made our way back to Delhi to hangout with our supplier/partner. They are a 5th generation shilajit family. They've been harvesting, purifying and manufacturing shilajit for over 100 years! The stories and knowledge we gathered from them was unforgettable.
It was a trip to remember and ....we will be back!
Know that the Chuga team takes extreme pride in our service to our customers and our mission. We appreciate you more than we can say. 
Thanks for being apart of Chuga.
Pat (Founder of Chuga)

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