Ever since I was young I have been obsessed with finding secrets and hidden gems in and around my environment. Whether I was drifting into drained rivers, isolated bogs or creature-filled swamps I was always looking for artifacts, animal relics or anything that felt supernatural to me. As I grew older, the world became my domain and the search was still on.

  I was continuously searching for ancient knowledge, history, techniques and traditions. Many of which were revolved around health, movement and overall cultural habits and beliefs. Having been immersed into wellness and exercise I surprisingly wasn’t a fanatic about too many supplements. That changed when I discovered shilajit. It was the first time that I truly felt the power of a substance right away. It caught my deepest interest and the race was on. I wanted to know the history, traditions, uses, composition and really everything that surrounded this incredible tar-like creation. During the months and years after that introduction, I became a huge advocate for the ancient plant matter. I was determined to find the purest and most potent quality that I could. This led me to become very well educated on the subject and more importantly, it led me into talking directly to the people who harvest it in India/Nepal. They took my understanding even further as I made my transition from an experienced user into a well-versed enthusiast and then finally into a supplier. I was able to understand the different areas, regions, harvesting practices and much more. I met extremely honest and forthright purifiers and harvesters from India that eventually became my partners. As a result, we now share a steadfast mission of providing the world with the utmost quality shilajit.

   Our mission is firm and our gratitude is abundant. Feel free to reach out for any questions. We appreciate the people who join us with this mission and we thank you for coming all the way here to read this, Godspeed. 

- Pat (Chuga Shilajit Founder)