Where on the planet is shilajit found?

Shilajit is found in Nepal, India, Russia, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Bhutan, Australia and Chile. 


Is all shilajit the same?

No, much of the same make-up applies to all shilajit but the potency ranges with the altitude it is gathered from. The higher the altitude, the higher the fulvic and humic acid content. Himalayan shilajit is usually collected above 16,000 feet, making it the highest (in altitude) harvested shialjit in the world and in turn, the most potent. 


What is fulvic acid and humic acid?

Humic acid and fulvic acid belong to a wide group of organic compounds formed during the decomposition of organic matter, mainly of plant origin. Humic acid binds to the nutrients and unlocks them. This makes the nutrients available for intake. Once unlocked, fulvic acid binds to the nutrients and transfers them, providing a full and complete operation. This allows shilajit's organic and plentiful nutrient content to sink into our bodies, giving us vibrance. 


What does raw shilajit look like?

Raw shilajit typically looks like a bubbling tarry rock. 


How is raw shilajit purified? 

The first step of the purification process is to place raw and fresh shilajit into distilled or pure spring water using 1 part solids to 4 parts liquid. Because shilajit is water soluble, this will allow the impurities of the raw form to rise to the top.

It is kept in the solution for 24 hours at a temperature of 40-50°C. The batch is tended to and stirred every 10-20 minutes. After time, the impurities and shilajit water are separated. The mix is then drained using a tube. 

From there, the shilajit is poured into multiple barriers of mesh until all sand, debris and impurities are removed







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