What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is the culmination of ancient plant matter that has been pressurizing inside of massive mountains for thousands of years. The plants that have sunk into the crevices undergo a very long process of pressurization until a concentrate finally resurfaces. These ancient trapped life forms secrete through the mountains cracks and are then harvested and purified.

Within shilajit's make-up, we find over 84 minerals in ionic form. Some of these minerals include iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, chromium, manganese and calcium which are essential minerals necessary for proper cellular and metabolic processes in the body.

Throughout the millenniums as these organisms break down and condense, fulvic acid and humic acid begin to form. Humic acid binds to the nutrients and unlocks them, making them more bio-available for absorption. Once unlocked, fulvic acid binds to the nutrients and transfers them, providing a full and complete operation. This allows shilajit's organic and plentiful nutrient content to sink into our bodies. 

The Story of Shilajit

As folklore would have it, shilajit, traditionally referred to as ”The Destroyer of Weakness”, was found by the ancestors of the langur monkeys. The story goes that the villagers of the Himalayan region observed these white monkeys prying at the cracks of the mountains to retrieve a black tar that was infused within the rock and gravel. During the summer months when the tar/rock was most accessible due to the heat, the monkeys would show up and gather it. Curiosity arose within the people making them ask, what made this substance so naturally attractive to these primates? What was the purpose? One thing led to the next and the observers began to harvest this organic attraction and unleashed its power. The rest is history.

Where Does Our Shilajit Come From?

Chuga's shilajit is harvested in India from the Himayalan mountain range. It is gathered at 16,000 + feet, making it "Grade A" shilajit. The fulvic and humic acid content within shilajit increases in relation to the height it is harvested from. This makes our shilajit extremely potent and nutrient dense compared to most shilajit that is harvested at 4,000-6,000 feet.

45 Day Guarantee

Why Choose Chuga?

Here at Chuga, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sourcing some of the best shilajit on the planet. We’ve vetted and cultivated great relationships with harvesters from India, Nepal and Pakistan. With some time and effort, we found trustworthy and hardworking partners who share the same mission as us in India. They take pride in the Himalayas and the blessings it produces. The attitude along with the handling and care they give to the gathering process is beautiful and honorable.

Since the beginning of Chuga, we decided we would retrieve our shilajit from the Himalayan Mountains because of the higher potency and nourishment properties it provides compared to Russian shilajit (mumiyo) or shilajit from anywhere else on the planet. We did this not because there is anything wrong with shilajit from other parts of the world but because we wanted to provide the best. This has set the standard for the rest of our process from the location of the sourcing to the purification and packaging.

 We get our shilajit lab tested in the USA and in India to track potency and quality. Comparing our mineral, fulvic and humic acid levels to other brands, the difference becomes obvious and our ethos validated.

 In the most simplistic words, we care.


"Who knew that after 15 years of studying nutrition, wellness and longevity, that nature had a game changing secret? Chuga Shilajit has been a daily staple for me over the last two years and I’ve never felt better. I’m a huge fan of adaptogens and this is one of my favorites. For me, personally, my endurance is better and mental clarity is sharper. I definitely notice when I’ve been off of my regimen." 

-Dr. Brenna Murphy

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